Welcome to Cavern Recording

Welcome to Cavern Recording

Phone: (207) 873-1988

We are a 24-track analog and digital audio recording studio located in central Maine. Cavern offers a full plate of services including both studio and remote on location multitrack audio recording, production, instrumentation and light digital mastering at very reasonable prices - with articulate ears and passionate precision. We have built a reputation for high quality, a comfortable setting and relaxed atmosphere to work with you to create your masterpiece. Whether your goal is to create an album (CD), demo, jingle or voice over, we'll get it done right with meticulous care.

We now offer live, on location, multitrack audio recording.

See photos of the studio here.

The studio is laid out with five rooms. The heart, of course, is the control room. A large couch and soft lighting make for comfortable, relaxed listening.


Pre amps include: Outboard includes: Microphones include: Drum room:
Completely isolated with full view of the rest of the band through two large glass doors.
Available upon request: The Main Room:
This room includes guitar amp bins and full view of drum room, isolation booth and control room.
Isolation Booth:
Completely isolated from the studio, this room has full view of the control room, main room and drum room.
Available Guitar amps: Digital Keys

Analog Keys
Separate room from the rest of the studio. housing my 1921 Gordon upright piano and my vintage 1960 Hammond C3 organ with Leslie 145 (tube).

From beginning to finished master, we will insure that your results are highly professional while keeping the experience creative and rewarding. please like us on FaceBook at the top left of this page.

Send questions and comments to cavernrecording@gmail.com