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A word about remote (on location recording). We need to be clear. This is not the same thing as the sound engineer pushing a two track send from the console to a recorder to burn a cd. What you will get from that most likely will include vocals that are way too loud and guitars and cymbals that are not loud enough for starters. Sound quality then usually degrades from there.

This is a cmpletely adjustable and expandable 24 track recording of your live performance. Here's how it works. We take the signal from each microphone and send it to it's own transformer isolated splitter. One signal from each microphone is sent to our mic preamps and then to our recorder. The other signal for each microphone is sent to the pa console and is not effected by our split.

Oh and please keep in mind, if you don't normally use microphones on some instruments of your live performance, we can provide whatever is needed from the studio selection.

Once the recording is done, we offer a number of options. Optimally, we can bring the live tracks to the studio for full mix capabilities including of course additional overdubs, signal processing, mixdown and mastering. Alternatively, for a small download fee, we can download the tracks to your external hard drive and you can do whatever you wish with them. We will prvide the drive for it's cost if that's your choice.